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About JDC

Jinduicheng molybdenum
industry Limited by Share
Ltd ( referred to as the
shares of molybdenum )
is the largest in Asia...

Products and services

The world's leading molybdenum industry company, executive
director of the Association
for international
molybdenum units, China...

Sustain development

The company based on the
present , focus on the future ,
actively build a long-term ,
stable , secure resources development , supply , strategic...

Molybdenum charge of foreign trade: +86-29-88378773
Molybdenum metal of foreign trade: +86-29-88378623

Molybdenum chemical of foreign trade: +86-29-88378772
Fax: +86-29-88378770/88378771
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Address: China's Shaanxi Province Xi'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone Jin industry a 88 number of road
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